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Cellular Accessories and Cell Phone Distribution

The OMS Enterprise business software is the most complete integrated software available on the market for the cellular accessory distribution business. It is also the most complete enterprise-wide system available today for the small to mid-sized business. This fully integrated, automated, on-line/real-time system is the competitive edge needed to guarantee your business success in today's market place. Increase the productivity of everyone in your company by providing the tools and information they need, quickly and easily. OMS Entertprise business software completely automates all your Distribution, Internet eCommerce, Wholesale, Sales, Accounting, Warehouse, Shipping, Returns, Packaging operations!

Keeping You Competitive With the Advanced Software

The dynamics of the cell accessory distributor can best be defined as a rapidly changing business. Consider all the new phone styles and the need to supply the right accessories. This is why the strong inventory management functionality is at the heart of the OMS Enterprise business software, with close tracking of all types of goods, including SIM card serial number traceability, alternate selling units with flexible conversion factors, multiple packing units, cross-referenced vendor part numbers and UPC codes, and multiple bin locations. Multiple pricing methods include price by customer type price level, user-defined formulas, customer-contracted pricing by item or by category, and quantity breaks. Flexible landed cost methods help you to set accurate sell prices, ensuring maximum profitability.

  • Improved Competitiveness

    In Pursuit of the Perfect Order

    Well-designed sales order screen enables speedy entry, with one-click access to customer order history, full drill-down to history detail, line item and total order gross profit percentage display option, and instant stock level information. Drop ships and special orders are meticulously managed, with data flowing seamlessly throughout your organization to the appropriate departments – no need for cumbersome clipboards, hand-written notes or separate emails to inform the Purchasing Department about needed items or drop-ship details. Automated procurement tools in the OMS Enterprise business software Purchase Order module keep stock levels optimized, with flexible re-order methods by fixed re-order points, min/max levels, economic quantities and purchasing based upon sales performance and system forecasts.

  • Emerging Manufacturers & OMS Enterprise Business Software

    Staying On Track while Expanding Business Operations

    Making the transition from small company to emerging manufacturer is the most critical point in a company's evolution. Increasing customer demand drives you to build more products in less time, and the risk of losing productivity holds dire consequences. An inefficient operation will eat up all your profits and then some. There's never a more urgent need for the OMS Enterprise business software solution. OMS delivers just the right set of tools to successfully navigate your company through the trials of emerging growth. You'll reap a huge return on your investment through optimal materials, quality and manufacturing management with accurate, timely practices. OMS Enterprise business software is scalable to ensure that your system contains plenty of headroom as you move forward and successfully grow your enterprise.

  • Driving Your Success On A Solid Businsss Foundation

    Fully Integrated Enterprise Tools

    As your business grows, your needs become more comprehensive. Multiple sites and numerous product lines are just a few of the challenges that demand more versatility from your business systems. More than ever before, your decisions are driven by the goal of gaining market share by dominating the competition. The OMS Enterprise business software solution is a strong suite that provides the foundation, while integrated CRM, e-business and supply chain management tools maximize your marketing and support energies to minimize your costs of sales. With your growing sales force becoming increasingly de-centralized, integrated reporting and analysis tools provide the visibility necessary to manage sales and support relationships with customers and prospects. eMaster eCommerce tools streamline supply-chain interaction by applying the efficiencies of electronic communication. You'll build stronger business relationships while minimizing manual processes as customers and business partners obtain secure up-to-the-minute order status and shipment information online.